Mama Dip’s Grab & Go

Mama Dip’s Kitchen offers

free Grab & Go Meals

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Food bank program sponsored in part by

UNC Basketball to help families in need

  • The prepared meals by Mama Dip’s Kitchen will include fried or BBQ chicken, two vegetables, bread and a desert.

  • Food will be placed in safe and sanitized food containers and distributed by volunteers at curbside (drive-thru) to minimize safety concerns. Bottled water (Deer Park brand) available compliments of USA/UNC Walk for Health, a health advocacy non-profit.

  • This event will follow CDC guidelines and ensure face coverings and social distancing.

 WHERE: 216 N. Roberson St. Chapel Hill, NC                                                              (Hargraves Community Center)

WHEN: 4:00pm – January 6th and 7th, 2021

(vehicle and foot traffic may line up around 3:30pm) 

Sponsors: Mama Dip’s Kitchen, University of North Carolina Basketball, Camping World and USA/UNC Walk for Health