Resurrection Sunday

“You can’t have a crucifixion without having a resurrection and conversely, for every resurrection there must be a crucifixion.” William Thorpe

UNC Walk for Health to sponsor 

patriotic event at Silent Sam

UNC Walk for Health to recognize April 15th, 2018 — the date President Lincoln was assassinated 153 years ago — by supplying UNC students with Carolina and American Flags to place at the Confederate Soldiers monument. 

WHO: UNC Walk for Health, the primary sponsor and organizer a commemorative program on April 4th in Chapel Hill that honored the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Click this link to CBS17 news clip: Honoring Dr. King – 4/4/18

WHAT: UNC Walk for Health is sponsoring Carolina and American Flags for students to place on the Silent Sam statue to raise awareness of April 15th — the anniversary date of the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. 

WHEN: 2:00pm on Sunday, April 15, 2018  

WHERE: Confederate Soldiers monument (Silent Sam) – University of North Carolina     

WHY: UNC Walk for Health seeks to promote the missions of Carolina and America. UNC Walk for Health resolves that the very bullet that shot and killed President Lincoln on April 15, 1865 came from the symbolic rifle held by Silent Sam. 

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                                                                   Photo by Mark Schultz

Improve the quality of life for people in this society and solve the biggest problems on the planet. Mission, University of  North Carolina

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity… Mission, United States of America

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

                                                        Photo by Mark Schultz

“I thought it was just a beautiful thing (when he was in school); I didn’t know there was a controversy,” says Bobby Gersten, 97, about Silent Sam on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus Sunday, April 8, 2018. Today UNC’s oldest living former basketball and baseball player says the Confederate monument should probably come down. “Too bad because it’s a beautiful thing, but it really has no place.”

Letter: UNC Black Faculty call on the University to permanently remove Silent Sam – 9/6/18