UK vs US

This announcement first appeared in the Daily Tar Heel as a letter to the editor on November 12, 2015. 

UNC Walk for Health

to host  an international youth basketball game

“Strengthening ties between allies: UK vs. US”

UNC Walk for Health is proud to announce a special event that will serve as an educational service to foster the exchange of information.

In keeping with our objective to encourage youth participation in recreational activities, we are inviting Eton, one of the leading independent schools in the UK, to play a basketball game against Chapel Hill High School to be held in the spring of 2016 in Chapel Hill, NC. The US State Department has already endorse this international sporting event because it provides an excellent example of sports diplomacy that strengthens ties between two countries peoples.

Our underlying premise is: all people make friends in school. People who have fun, play, and talk together become closer to each other. By introducing children from different parts of the world to each other, we provide them with an unprecedented opportunity to begin life-long friendships and acquaintances.

Recreational activities, such as this UK vs. US youth basketball game, make it possible for young people from distant places to explore and exchange ideas and learn that while they may be from different cultures and different countries, they’re not so different after all.

William Thorpe
Promoter, UNC Walk for Health