Veterans/Armistice Day

97-year-old World War II veteran and famed UNC athletic alumnus honors Carolina’s war dead.

Bobby Gersten, “The Great-Granddaddy of UNC” visits the Carolina Alumni War Memorial for a solitary observance of Veterans/Armistice Day. 

WHO: Bobby Gersten is UNC’s oldest living athlete. In 1942, he was honored with the prestigious Patterson Award for his leadership in athletics at UNC. Upon graduation, he served in the US Air Force for 3 years during World War II. This event was sponsored by UNC Walk for Health — a year-round initiative that aims to raise awareness of and provide practical solutions to chronic health conditions.

WHAT: Bobby reminisced about his World War II experiences, walked in a solemn manner on Cameron Avenue and placed an American Flag at the Carolina Alumni War Memorial to mark the national observance of Veterans/Armistice Day. 

WHEN: Noon on Saturday, November 11, 2017  

WHERE: Begin – Old Well        End – Carolina Alumni War Memorial         

                University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill    

WHY: Bobby Gersten, who played basketball and baseball at UNC and has remained a key part of the university’s athletic program, wanted to pay his respect to those lost in military service.